Lucas Group

Full UX strategy, information architecture, and website overhaul.

Lucas Group is one of the leading talent acquisition firms in Atlanta, Georgia. They were looking for a complete refresh of their website, along with UX guidance, lead gen optimization, and smoother technology integration. I managed the discovery, design execution, and QA of the Lucas Group 1000+ page redesign. Organization and a clean, easy to use design system were key in mapping out and building this site.

Step One

Discovery, Strategy, and Goals Alignment

Before we started work on the project, it was important to set ourselves up for success and solidify our alignment on project goals with the client stakeholders. During this phase I did an evaluation of their current website and developed a strategy presentation that identified and addressed major issues with their website. This presentation allowed us to build trust with the client and create a clear roadmap ahead that would be our guiding light throughout the project. Below are a few example of themes addressed in my discovery presentation.

Step Two

Sitemap & Navigation Structure

With web property as large as this, mapping out the site navigation, link structure, and navigation organization was crucial to planning the execution of the site. This phase was extremely collaborative and interactive with the client to identify lead gen streams, SEO value pages, and different persona journey paths. They had 4 key personas they wanted to cater to: businesses looking for candidates, job seekers, military professionals, and recruiter candidates. In order to give a unique, tailored experience for each I identified the goals, motivations, and needs of each persona and mapped out journeys that would cater explicitly to them.

Step Three

Wireframes & Data Flows

In the wireframe process I started to build out a design system for the website. This system consisted of components, page templates, and modules that could be used interchangeably across the site. In the sitemapping phase, I identified a master component library that we used to streamline the website build with the development team. Below are a few examples of some of the final wireframes from the project.

In addition to the mapping of modules across the site, we also had to determine the flow of data through their 3rd part integrations and APIs. I worked in tandem with the backend development team and the product owner to map our the flow of data through to the various components on the site.

Step Four

Bringing the Design System to Life

Once the entire site was mapped out, then came the fun part – visual design. Using my component library from the wireframe phase I designed a library of visual modules that we flexible and could be stitched together to form full pages. They wanted the design to balance being professional, leaders in their field, but also approachable and personal. One other key aspect of the site design was to really drive home the personality of the business by only using actual photos of their employees throughout the site.