Georgia Tech Foundation

A cutting-edge website redesign to match a cutting-edge university.

The Georgia Tech Foundation is responsible for managing the endowment of the Georgia Institute of Technology. As an extension of Georgia Tech, the board of the foundation felt strongly that their new website should be just as forward-thinking with a sleek new look and added functionality.

Step One

Project Discovery

At the beginning stages of the project, the President of the Georgia Tech Foundation and the other stakeholders looked to us to help them bring their website not only to the present, but into the future. My challenge was to break down their goals for the project and figure out how to execute them in the most modern presentation (worthy of Georgia Tech, go jackets!).

Beyond a fresh and modern design, GTF had some strategic goals for their site:

  • Make it easy for people to access all donation points for the Foundation
  • House all financial documentation and resources for full transparency
  • Show the direct impact the funds managed by the Foundation have on Georgia Tech
  • Allow the Foundation to post quarterly featured stories to keep donors and alumnae up to date on the latest happenings

Step Two


The wireframe phase of this project was relatively straight forward. We were keeping any content intact that currently existed on the site. My main goal in this phase was to clearly define where the GTF team needed to create some new content for areas of the website that did not previously exist. Most of this content revolved around the quarterly stories and the “Impact” section that was added to the site. Since GTF asked us to guide them in their content creation efforts, I made sure to suggest the types of content that would best tell their story.

Step Three