The King Center

Interactive timeline and design concept for The King Center.

When The King Center approached our agency to design their new website we were all so blown away and honored by the opportunity. It was extremely humbling to get to visit the center, tour Dr. King’s childhood home, and even meet Bernice King herself. The project took many twists and turns but throughout I was able to create some extremely meaningful and powerful designs.

The King Center

Design Concept

When we found out about this project, our design team came together and decided to each create a homepage concept that captured a different emotion. Because their team had little time, we hoped that showing three very different directions would give them options on how to move forward. My directions was focused on passion, depth, reverence, and memory. I decided to create a dark and moody page that was highlighted with pops of colorful elements. For me this represented the darkness in which African Americans faced during the Civil Rights movement of the 1960’s with the pops of brightness representing beacons of hope and brightness like the work of Dr. King and the many other Civil Rights leaders at the time.

The king center

Dr. King History Timeline

When it came to building the actual site, the King Center team landing on a hybrid of many elements of all 3 design directions. Because of this, all 3 designers decided to work together to collaborate on the project. We were all given pages to create and one area that I took ownership of were these immersive historic timelines that told the story of how Dr. King and Coretta Scott King got started and how their legacy followed.

The King Center

50 for 50 Logo Design

Because it was the 50th year since Dr. Martin Luther King’s death, The King Center asked us to create a logo for their 50 for 50 campaign. They wanted this logo to incorporate their current logo into the design.