Stick App

A groundbreaking concept aimed at informing millenial voters.

The creator of Stick app came to me to help her bring her concept to life. She wanted to create an app, geared towards millenials and young voters, that helped them not only become more informed on the candidates but also to organize and research their ballots for all elections from local to national. I fellt that this was a really great concept and was passionate to help her get it off the ground.

Step One

Logo & Branding

Before we got started on the app itself we worked together to create a brand style and logo for Stick App. She wanted the look of her app to be exciting and bold. She wanted to incorporate an electric color like yellow or orange along with a dark tone to amplify it.

Step Two

UX Audit

When I was contracted to design the app, Sasha (the creator of the app) had already put together basic wireframes about how the app should function. She handed these off to me with the caveat that she is not a designer and these should just be a rough guideline for functionality. I recommended to her that before we jump into the visual design part of the project that I go through the existing wires and flesh out any missing pieces and clean up the flow and interaction. To accomplish this I took her wireframes and did a UX Audit where I called out logic holes and functionality questions. Once finished, we sat down together to make final decisions about the app and worked through functionality questions with the developer.

Step Three

App Design