Fleet & Financial Payment Client

Design, UX, and product launch for a major financial payment company in Atlanta.

With our largest sustainability client program there are always new ways enhance the integration of our sustainability program into their business. I acted as a support to their product team to grow our digital footprint, increase lead gen, and map out new product launches and expansions.


Digital Expansion to European Footprint

One of the major projects associated with this client was upgrading and consolidating regional program sites into a more streamlined and user-friendly experience. This project was unique because there was a lot of initial planning and information architecture involved before we could get started. In order to merge 3 separate website properties covering 11 countries and 8 languages we had to go through a discovery process with each country stakeholder. Since the scattered sites were being merged into one, we had to be sure our messaging and goals were align across BUs.

Portal Integration

Integration into Payment Portal to Increase Program Enrollment

As an opt-in sustainability program, it was important to us to be able to access the Financial card clients at multiple touch points to educate and ideally enroll them into the carbon neutral program. One method we executed was placing ads within the client’s payment portal. This would be served to a target audience of small businesses who were not currently enrolled in the program. Launching this initiative required user journey mapping, ad creation, and a conversion-focused landing page design.

New Product Launch

Launching the New Sustainable Fleet Card

To attract sustainably-minded business owners we partnered with the Financial Payment company to launch a standalone sustainable fleet card. This card had our sustainability program solution baked in and would be a first of its kind offer to the Financial company’s small and medium businesses. Beyond the development of the card, we supported in a digital lead gen ad campaign to attract sustainable customers. Our campaign ran as a test against more general ads in market from the Financial company.

We also made some updates to our program website to delineate the new card offering – the messaging and user paths here were extremely important since we now had 2 was for customers to be involved in the program – by applying for the standalone card, or by enrolling their currently enabled card into the add-on program.

Once the card was ready to go to market, there were delays on the application portal from their development team. In order to expedite the launch we create new card sign up landing pages so that the card and digital campaigns could go live without delay. These pages lived within out program website that also allowed us to education prospective clients more and add more layers of verification and trust to the offer.